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Updated May 2014, the free Mortgage Loan Calculator 2.1 features the following: A new adjustable mortgage rate simulator, multiple payment frequency options, the ability to create amortization schedules based on 360, 365, or exact number of days in year, an interest-only mortgage amortization schedule, multiple extra mortgage payment options, a new interface for metric, temperature, distance, length, etc. conversions in the "Basic Calculator +", and more.
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        Version 2.1
  • Adjustable Interest Rates
  • Interest only Mortgages
  • Canadian Mortgages
  • Accelerated weekly and bi-weekly payment option
  • 360, 365, or actual days per year amortization schedule.
  • Hundreds of conversions including Metric to U.S., distance, temperature, length, volume, speed, etc.

  • Download Here!!
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